“Eyes, Needles, and Fireflies. The Story of Things” Exhibition

“Eyes, Needles, and Fireflies. The Story of Things” is the second solo show by Amelia Opalinska at El Zapote Gallery. This new series showcases an evolution from the paintings featured in her previous exhibit, offering three-dimensional assemblages with found objects that reveal a profound journey of transformation.

A Free Palette in a New Dimension

The artist’s characteristic use of color with complete freedom remains a unifying thread across different media. The transition from two-dimensional paintings to three-dimensional assemblages invites viewers to interact with the works from new perspectives.

From Frustration to Freedom

This collection of works originated during a period of deep frustration for the artist. In an attempt to channel her feelings, she began creating representations of eyes to symbolically release her angst each time she pierced them with a needle. Through this cathartic process, she combined needles, threads, colored fabrics, and shiny objects, transforming raw sentiment into captivating and joyful pieces that evoked the memory of a night in a mangrove surrounded by fireflies.


The artist strongly supports her intuitive process, intentionally avoiding restrictions and rigid formality. Guided by spontaneity, her creative practice allows her inner voice to direct each piece’s creation. This sense of freedom is evident in the whimsical combinations of found objects and materials, each chosen intuitively until the final product emerges. The resulting works testify to the role of chance in creation, each with the potential to tell its own story.

“Eyes, Needles, and Fireflies. The Story of Things” invites you to witness the alchemy of frustration transformed into joy, the evolution of medium and method, and the enduring power of a palette free from constraints. Through this show, Amelia Opalinska reaffirms her commitment to exploring the boundaries of creativity and sharing the beauty of her intuitive process with the world.