El Zapote is a contemporary art gallery focused on art collectors interested to buy affordable original art works online
While we presented Mexican and Latin American contemporary art, after several years in operation, El Zapote Gallery has succeeded in bringing together artists of various nationalities and styles. The gallery’s website exhibits original artworks that include oil and acrylic on canvas, drawing on paper, sculpture, engraving, collage, photography and art objects.

The gallery is located Merida downtown, at 57 Street #545-A, Barrio de Santiago, Centro, 97000 Mérida, Yucatan. We began with the objective of opening at least six exhibitions a year, and we have exceeded that goal each year, actively participating in the cultural life of Merida and opening for La Noche Blanca, a cultural event that takes place twice a year.

Expo “Spirit of Place”

This exhibition presents new oil paintings on canvas and lino, and gouache on paper by Stephen Aiken. Read about the exhibition here

Expo “Eyes, Needles, and Fireflies. The Story of Things”

“Eyes, Needles, and Fireflies. The Story of Things” is the second solo show by Amelia Opalinska at El Zapote Gallery. This new series showcases an evolution from the paintings featured in her previous exhibit, offering three-dimensional assemblages with found objects that reveal a profound journey of transformation. Read about the exhibition here

Expo “Diversidades Graficas”

With themes like wrestling, lottery, skulls, and other references to Mexican culture, the Adzul Marino Graphics Workshop brings us a display of recent work from Playa del Carmen. They’ve created this using woodcut, linocut, and embossing techniques. Read about the exhibition here

Expo “Gold Series”

“Gold Series” is an exhibition that presents the most recent work of Carlos Mauricio Pliego, created in Estado de Mexico. The central theme of this series is rediscovering his homeland. Learn more about the exhibition by clicking on here

Expo “Retratos en Grupo”

“Group Portraits” is a body of paintings on different surfaces that aims to remember with a bit of humor those groups of family or friends who took advantage of any meeting to take a group portrait. Some represent smiles or serious expressions; others accommodate a leg forward or to the side; others show hugs as well as gesturing and the provoking of others. Learn more about the exhibition by clicking on here

Expo “Dakinis Female Messengers of Wisdom”

Lorraine Toohey created 24 ceramic sculptures and mixed media pieces inspired by Tibetan deities Dakinis, which represent female wisdom.

Expo “Seres Fantásticos a la Vista” (Fantastic Creatures in Sight)

Michel Maugee and Stefanie Schikora created fantastic creatures and we are showing you some of these unique bright and colorful pieces of art.

Expo “Illumination”

Marketa is a self-motivated disciplined artist who has found in meditation an efficient tool for life, specially now that is necessary to face the impact of the lockdown and other issues related to COVID -19 pandemic. She created this series of linocuts inspired by the experience of meditation, making visual some concepts such as love, energy or illumination in a friendly style of human figure that interacts with their feelings and even with the animals.

Expo “Coronas y Polvo” (Crowns and Dust)

Painting exhibition by Carlos Mauricio Pliego and Walter José Cen. Both, young painters living in Merida Yucatan have been creating new works in very different styles while facing their particular realities.

Toilet Paper Story

Culto al rollo / The Toilet Paper Story is the graphic chronicle of a pandemic by the designer, printmaker, and illustrator, Manuel Taure. With a playful intention and sardonic point of view, Taure presents 9 stories printed on toilet paper. They place the viewer as an inevitable witness to the immediate reality, and teach us one more way to adapt the graphic tradition to the current context.

January 29 – March 29 2021.


Bedouin Life in Egypt from Metal Etching Plates

Robert Gutowski’s artworks in metal etching plates are inspired by his experiences in Egypt. His images describe Bedouin markets and the traditional feast activities after the Ramadan. Read more about Robert Gutowski on his bio page.

February – March 2020.


Buenos Augurios 2020 – Good Omens 2020

The artists of El Zapote Gallery  good omens for 2020 in a collective exhibition.

January 2020


Goddeses and Garlands, by Lorraine Toohey

An exhibition of photography and sculpture inspired by the artist´s extended visit to India
“This work is my attempt at sharing the incredible beauty of India.” – Lorraine Toohey
¨Do nothing that is not for others´sake¨ Shantideva
December 2019

Alberto Zecchini Painting Exhibition

Italian painter Alberto Zecchini first painting exhibition in Yucatan Mexico.

November 2019


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