“Group Portraits” Exhibition

Since the beginning of photography, the desire to take portraits emerged. People who had the opportunity would go to the studio of a fashion photographer to have their portrait taken, either alone or accompanied, usually by a family member or the entire family.

Sometimes, they would also take portraits with friends, and over time, it became common to capture groups of students completing a school year or colleagues at work.

Individuals would dress in their best clothes and look all serious, looking directly at the camera. The photographer would position them, either seated or standing, perhaps a combination of both to achieve a more favorable composition.

Over time, portrait photography evolved as the possibility of owning a camera became increasingly common, to the point where nowadays practically anyone can take their own “selfie” portrait with their cellphone.

“Group Portraits” is an exhibition of paintings on different surfaces that aims to humorously commemorate those groups of relatives or friends who would take advantage of any gathering to have a group portrait taken, whether smiling or serious, arranging themselves with one leg forward or to the side, hugging, making gestures, and teasing others.
Renato Chacón.