Like a photo album that brings back cherished moments, Amelia Opalinska presents us with a selection of paintings that represent those moments, reinterpreted through her own visual language. The result is a blend of colors and shapes that immerse the viewer upon entering the exhibition space.

Amelia Opalinska’s exhibition, ‘Trapitos al Sol,’ consists of 14 mixed-media paintings on canvas, exploring the revelation of the artist’s personal experiences, airing the ‘dirty laundry.’ Drawing from these life events, Opalinska creates figurative images, approaching the palette and dimensions of her works in an unconventional manner, breaking free from the constraints of strict realism. This allows her to explore the emotional depth of her personal experiences in a unique way.

“I try to be intuitive and spontaneous in hopes to encounter a simplicity of spirit and intention where anything is possible and everything is new and fascinating.” – Amelia O.

At the core of the exhibition are three landscapes of similar proportions, each dominated by a predominant tone of pink, blue, and ocher, respectively. Up close, texts and charcoal scratches, along with brushstrokes and drops, are more evident, marking the distinctive style of the artwork.

The pieces on the side walls are larger, giving the viewer a sense of diving into the color. The images are defined by significant silhouettes that play with the contrasts of pure or complementary colors.

‘Trapitos al Sol’ will be on display throughout the month of December 2023 at El Zapote Gallery.