“Spirit of Place” Exhibition

Capturing the Spirit of Place.
Stephen Aiken examines with fascination the intriguing human tendency to project their characteristics onto things in their
environment, creating dynamic figure-ground interplays that evoke anthropomorphism in the viewer.
The paintings showcased in this exhibition are abstract in nature, with some containing recognizable design elements from various cultures.
Surveying the design and art that travels the world, Aiken acts as a conduit between the visual culture of his surroundings and
his paintings, projecting the Spirit of Place. The 16 pieces featured in this exhibition are of mixed technique, including
collage and gouache on paper, and oil on canvas and linen.
Stephen Aiken boasts a 51-year professional career, beginning as a photographer in New York in 1973, documenting the birth
of the famous SoHo neighborhood. Years later, he delved into painting, and to this day, he continues to exhibit his work in the
United States and Mexico.